School Psychologist


School Psychology

Posted in 25/09/2021

Job Description

As a School Psychologist, you will have the mission of ensuring the socio-emotional balance of the family, student and school tripod, always maintaining a good partnership with the unit's management, service coordinators and employees.

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* All our vacancies are also for people with disabilities ;)


What will you do:

  • Lead and supervise information shared by those responsible for students and from that create action and adaptation plans.
  • Develop and implement mentoring and vocational guidance processes when required.
  • Supervise service coordinators and work in partnership with the SSS coordination in cases of inclusion.
  • Manage crises from the tripod of action (students, families and teachers).
  • Develop actions to ensure the psychosocial development of students: interventions based on diagnoses, referrals and monitoring of each case, based on their individual development plans and their life history.
  • Lead internal workshops: PDs for TAs, interns and teachers for the socio-emotional training of the team.
  • Conduct weekly meetings with Service & Segment Coordinators, and SSS team.
  • Writing articles and internal communication for families.
  • Organize events for those responsible, contributing to the socio-emotional education of our entire community.
  • Develop preventive actions that reinforce the school's philosophy, values and culture.
  • Helping to make the school environment safe and welcoming, respecting the individual differences of each student and contributing to the formation of a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Observe students in the school space to collect and document information to aid student learning.
  • Review anamnesis: create lists and share with: Health (Nurse) / Nutrition (Nutritionist) / SSS (psychopedagogue and mediators).
  • Working in partnership with the students' external support network.


What you need to have (technical part):

  • Servant leadership: ex. motivate peers and interfaces, have active listening, clear and respectful communication; promote debates in the community, emphasize community service.
  • Practical experience in attending schools.
  • Good sense of the urgency of each case to act assertively when necessary
  • Communication skills for sensitive conversations with different interlocutors
  • Conflict Mediation Capacity

You'll fit in well if you can (behavioral part):

  • Good Crisis Management: it needs a readiness to deal with situations of crisis, conflict and uncertainties and to have emotional intelligence in the face of day-to-day care provided to those responsible, not to show frustrations.
  • Ethics and Confidentiality: respond to the ethical principles of your category and the terms of confidentiality described, in addition to the principles that underpin Eleva's values (Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Enthusiasm).
  • Keep calm in dealing with students and families and employees.
  • Ability to solve complex problems with simple and out-of-the-box solutions;
  • Be flexible and communicate well with multiple stakeholders to work with multiple internal areas, establish flows and deal with changes
  • Willing to continually develop and always be willing to leave the comfort zone.



44 hours a week